Vancouver Lawyer Greg Harney – Painful Billing and Threats



In this most interesting blog post it appears that Mr. Greg Harney – a partner at Shields Harney (#602 732 Broughton Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1E1)  a partner of John Shields (Suite 490 1177 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 2K3) is being called out for engaging in what appears to be a nasty gouging billing practice situation, in addition to other problems.

Although the actual lawsuit about the burning house is painful, we would like to focus on Greg Harney’s billing – which is really sick.  This paragraph from the blog summarizes the situation:

Mr. English continues to hold the opinion that Mr. Harney’s conduct was highly unprofessional, that he over-billed for work done, that he did not carry out his original retainer and that he tried to bully Mr. English into approving a “draft” bill for $1.1 million.

The Editors also observe that when Mr. Harney sent Mr. English
the official bill it was for a whooping $536,000 including taxes, for a few weeks of work and that Master Keighly of the Supreme Court of British Columbia found the bill to be far too high and reduced that bill by 50 per cent to $256,000 including taxes.

We have heard other reports coming from Vancouver of similar such ‘billing bullying’ from lawyers like Greg Harney but none of them have yet had the courage to publicly voice their stories out of fear that the self-same lawyer will come back at them with a mighty vengeance and take from them the little they have left.  We can therefore understand their hesitation and deep fears.

The very fact that the fees were reduced from Harney’s proposed $1,100,000 to the legal (and still nasty) $256,000 (by force) proves that Harney has imaginative and punitive, if not downright nasty billing practices.

So this begs the question “Why is Greg Harney unable to be found in the disciplinary/complaint section of the Law Society of BC?” where other lawyers are found who wander far off the paths of normal. Why didn’t he get spanked by the Law Society so the record could easily be found and searched?

“Mr. Harney kept no time records” – Ouch.  That might explain the bill…

But what about his partner John Shields out of Vancouver?  Are there clients around town who may have similar reports about his billing practices who want to come forward? Or, at the end of the face-pounding, will-destroying, spirit-crushing, life-sucking invoicing are they left bleeding on the street just hoping to find their next meal?  Perhaps the internal billing practices are the same in Vancouver as they are in Victoria?  Perhaps others will come out like this blog with courage to share their stories.

Perhaps Van City Biz is just such a venue…

3 thoughts on “Vancouver Lawyer Greg Harney – Painful Billing and Threats

  1. Joe Adam

    We take credit at Canadian Legal and Judicial Blogs for blowing the whistle on Gregg Harney. Mr. Harney gas threatened legal action.
    In addition, we are blowing the whistle on Vancouver lawyer Brian Markus and Duncan area lawyer William Younie, Q.C., who withheld evidence that the market value of lands in a foreclosure proceeding was far above the balance owing under the mortgage being foreclosed by about 100%.

    The mortgage debt was about $1 million, the market value was about $2 million and the lawyers were advancing the proposition that the property would likely sell for less than the mortgage debt.

    It sure looks like fraud. The Law Society of BC has been asked to investigate. see

    1. bizmin

      Thanks for the information. Definitely there needs to be a place to blow more whistles. Feel free to post court documents here if you’d like. I think it takes attachments. Otherwise, we’ll find a way to host it and have a link for readers.


    Just minutes after talking to this lawyer, he bullied me hard on the phone and used very harsh language. I kept apologizing. My only crime was, telling him what had said to me. I then by chance thought to see what type of lawyer is he? as he was referred to me by his one of the company’s lawyers. I saw this scathing report and IMMEDIATELY sent this lawyer email to STOP, RIGHT AWAY.
    Only AND ONLY THIS ABOVE BLOG/report HAS SAVED ME FROM, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT KIND OF UNIMAGINABLE circumstances. Be aware, what all you have wrote, I have just experienced it’s spark and was terrified!!!!!. I never again answered his phone calls and sent emails back to him very very respectfully to stop him from to even review my case. I owe WORLD of thanks to you. May the forces of nature keep to all safe and happy. I feel, I have just got a NEW-LIFE.


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