Waves Takes Out First Blenz Location in New Westminster

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Will wonders never cease?  Who would have thought that Vancouver/Canadian coffee brand Blenz Coffee would have one of it’s age-old and iconic locations magically swapped out by their rival franchise Waves Coffee?  Kami Rahmati must be giving himself a big high five this week.

It’s real.

And it’s fresh news.

So fresh, in fact, that Blenz hasn’t yet taken down the previous location information.  Here is a screen shot of what we found today:



And here is what must be their former Franchisee of record, Gauri Chadha:


Our reports indicate that this store was corporately until fairly recent history so it will be most interesting to learn what took place between Gauri, President Mark West, and the Blenz Head Office Directors Sarah Moen, Brian Noble and Geoffrey Hair,  to have a store change hands and then close out of the blue, let alone hand it off to a rival competitor.

This article showed the Gauri was going over and above what most Franchisees do to drive business to the store, which may have been a vain effort.

Hopefully Ms. Chadha was not left footing the bill for that one, and hopefully she received adequate disclosure about these dismal plans before she made her purchase.

Time will most certainly tell.


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