About us

So who are we?

We are nameless and self-taught journalists writing out of a need that wasn’t being provided in our community.

Ever read a story in the newspaper about a business and how someone got hurt by that business?  The article usually just scratches the surface of the issue.  You are left wondering ‘I wonder where this will go.” or “I wonder what the full story is here for this to go to court.”  And then the story just kind of fades into black like credits at the end of a movie.

In marches Van City Biz.

We are your business juice source.

We are your business dirt source.

Is a business rotten to the core?

Should you involve yourself financially with a business?

Is a business mucking up the world around you?

Rest assured.

We’ll let you know.

No more Mr. Nice Guy in Vancouver.

No more corporate or legal shields.

Vancouver, get ready for all-you-can-eat business truth.

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